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Accelerating the Energy Transition

Diversifying within Sustainable Investments

54 GW

Brazil Market

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90% CO2 Emissions reduced
TOP 10
Insolation in the world

Invest in solar

Find a loan you like, invest and bring clean energy to emerging markets.


People accessing electricity

Our local borrower will distribute and manage the solar products on the ground.


Return on your investment

If the loan is successful you will receive your investment and interest in return.

Open for investment

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Santa Helena Amazonas

Through Santa Helena Amazonas, we are financing a 2.1 MWP solar installation on the roof of Damg Z through multiple loan tranches. Damg Z is a plastics product manufacturing company for construction materials, interior and exterior decoration and advertising, such as ceiling panels, window frames etc. It is mainly a B2B company, supplying businesses in Brazil via its nation-wide network of 500 distributors and agents located in 35 different provinces and cities. 


This loan is set to reduce 1.390 tons of CO2.

Solar Panels Technician

Morro da Babilonia

Through Morro da Babilonia, we are financing the distribution of electric forklifts at the BBC site in Brazil to minimise diesel usage. In addition to the forklifts, we are financing the shipment cost, duties, chargers, as well as spare parts. 


This loan is set to reduce 4.000 tons of CO2

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Santiago Ayerza

Co-founder & COO

Former Managing Director Thomson Reuters Brazil

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